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Scandinawian steel doors with ABLOY locks

Scandinawian steel doors with ABLOY locks

The most popular in Poland and virtually unbeatable on the market are steel doors with DIN standard locks.

However, following customers' needs in Poland, especially concerning steel doors prapared for export, ABLOY Scandinawian standard locks are sometimes required. This standard is very similar to DIN, with a difference in: the type of a locking cylinder, position of a handle ( it is under (!) the locking cylinder), etc.

ABLOY Scandinawian standard lock are not popular in Poland that is why they are rarely used in production of doors. Metalpol specializes in non-standard doors, gates and windows with non-standard equipment. We offer seamless steel doors as well as profile doors with ABLOY lock. If necessary, we also prepare doors with holes matching Scandinawian ABLOY system so that the customers can assemble ABLOY locks on their own.

Scandinawian steel doors with ABLOY locks
Scandinawian steel doors with ABLOY locks
100 thousand steel doors

Since launching the production in Rostarzewo in Wielkopolska, we have produced over 100000 steel doors, gates and other products. They have been used all over the country. We have combined our vision and experience with the enthusiasm of the team, which results in good organisation and conditions to achieve success.


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