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Door class II

Door class II

General information

Higher level security steel door are for rooms and buildings at risk of theft. Special interior construction prevents door wing from being cut through or broke down. These anti-theft security door are single or double-wing wide opening adhesive door. They consist of a full or partly glazed wing and a steel door frame with or without a sill.



Product details
Wing 1,5 mm thick steel sheet
Door frame steel, profile, galvanised, 2mm-thick wall
Type single-wing, double-wing
Light transition size W-width [mm], H-height [mm]
Fitting doorway size Wd=W+120 [mm] , Hd=H+60 [mm]
Surface preservation galvanised surfaces and accessory elements
Surface finishing powder varnish from RAL colour palette
Standard fittings standard mortise lock, extra lock, door hardware, patent door pad, a set of seals
Standard fittings-double-wing door edge lock with a safety device for rod guiding
Fitting accessories (option) -
Ventilation elements (option) -
Glazing [option] window min. P4A class
Wing thickness 50 mm
Filling mineral wool
Weight [approximate] 45 kg/1 m²
Acoustic insulation 32 dB
Hinges welded, two-part hinges with hight adjustment (at least 3 per wing)
Sill [option] sill door, silless door
In additionreference norm of the product: PN-ENV 1627:2006

Anti-theft security door. A door wing of single or double-wing door is made of two 1,5mm powder varnished galvanized metal sheets. Welded construction of the wing is strengthened by crosswise elements which unable any attempts of cutting through, bending or pulling out the door. Door frames are made of profile steel sections. The sections are made of 2,0 mm thick powder varnished galvanised sheet. Stillages of door frames are welded. Door wings are suspended in a door frame on at least two hinges. Door frame and wing are equipped with an adhesive seal.


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Since launching the production in Rostarzewo in Wielkopolska, we have produced over 100000 steel doors, gates and other products. They have been used all over the country. We have combined our vision and experience with the enthusiasm of the team, which results in good organisation and conditions to achieve success.


Metalpol Furmaniak Spółka Jawna
ul. Rakoniewicka 38
62-068 Rostarzewo Poland

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fax +48 61 444 20 50
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